What pastors have said about David's ministry:

David has been such a blessing to us at Northeast.   We have an AMAZING worship service each weekend.  Yet we know that for our people to continue to grow in their spiritual walk, it takes more than just engaging in a weekend experience.   David’s teaching has helped us satisfy that place for our mature believers to dig deeper, and at the same time challenge our younger believers to seek answers.   David is always prepared and brings in many resources to aid in keeping our people engaged.  After every session there are always those who stay behind to discuss in more detail.   Thanks David!   —Laura Wingfield – Groups Minister – Northeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

"The Scripture challenges Christians to sanctify Christ as Lord in our hearts, always being ready to give a defense for the hope that is in us yet with gentleness and reverence.' We enjoyed an encouraging and informative weekend of apologetics with 'Reasons' founder David Holdcraft. The subject matter was both relevant and understandable to the laity. I would graciously recommend Dave's ministry to any church seeking to fortify the intellectual foundations for the Christian faith."                                                                                 —Mike Bilza; Coshocton, OH

"David, thank you for working us into your schedule.  The weekend was informative, challenging, uplifting and very profitable for our congregation.  You did what we asked you to do and more.  Thank you."   —John Zwirn; Kokomo, IN

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Experiencing the Problem of Suffering Firsthand

On February 2, my wonderful wife of 33.5 years passed into the presence of the Lord.  For the last fifteen months she battled cancer and its complications.  While I will write more on this later, and my direct experience in wrestling with the problem of suffering and evil, I wanted to post a link to a video interview recorded at my church about 10 days before my wife passed away. The video focused on how Scripture has sustained me during this very tough ordeal.  God has used this video in ways I never expected.   Many have seen it and have been encouraged and touched; for which I give God the glory.  Below is the link if you would like to view the video. 

David Holdcraft Interview