Ministry Event Information

David is available for ministry most weekends or during a week.  Information is provided below if you are interested in having David come to your church. 

Compensation Suggestions For  Ministry Events

The following suggestions are to assist you in determining the compensation for David’s ministry.  Please remember, Reasons Ministries is both a ministry and a source of support for David and his family.  Reasonable and customary compensation, when possible, is greatly appreciated.

Travel Costs:  
Reimbursement for transportation (if driving, the current IRS reimbursement rate per mile).  Reimbursement for other travel expenses:  food, lodging, etc.  (If an overnight stay is required, the preference is for David to be in a hotel.  If a private home is necessary, David will need time, privacy and a suitable space for study and preparation.  Since David is allergic to cats, he will need a cat free home.)

Suggestions for Ministry Compensation:* 
Honorarium for speaking:  Each hour of a seminar presentation should be compensated at what you compensate currently for a Sunday Morning Sermon (minimum:  $75.00/hour).  For example, if a three hour seminar is given plus one hour of Sunday School and one Sunday Sermon then the minimum recommended compensation would be $375.00.

Love offering for speaking:  As an alternative to providing a honorarium, a love offering may be received (minimum expectation for four hours of seminar presentation and one sermon: $375.00).

Combination of honorarium and love offering:  If desired, a love offering may be received and if insufficient an honorarium may make up the difference.

    *A church will not be turned down for ministry due to a lack of funds.  Reasons Ministries simply asks each church/organization to do the best they can in providing compensation.

(Approved by the Reasons Ministries Advisory Team, July 2010)

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